Top 10 Things To Do Before Getting a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Top 10 Things To Do Before Getting a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Getting a professional cleaning service is ideal for people who want reliable grout cleaning and chimney cleaning and are concerned with taking good care of their homes. Knowing how to prepare for carpet cleaning services is necessary to make the operation run smoothly.

Irrespective of the knowledge you know about cleaning, hiring professional cleaning services is ideal for a thorough carpet and rug cleaning. 

While the cleaning services will be in charge of the heavy lifting of equipment, to make their visit a success, here are some things to do before they arrive. 


How to Prepare For a Carpet Cleaning Company

It is important to prepare yourself before the arrival of the carpet cleaning services. This is meant to avoid any mix-up or problems which might spring up after they might have concluded the cleaning process. 

Here are 10 things to do before getting a professional carpet cleaning service:


1 Discuss with the Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning firms are always ready to answer all your inquiries; therefore, always talk with them to clear things out before they come. Usually, they will give you a checklist ahead, which includes what to move and discounts offered; ask them what they need before they arrive.


2 Ask About Vacuum Cleaners

It is essential to ask the cleaning service if vacuum cleaners are necessary and come with them. Some cleaning services usually go with theirs, and others ask you to vacuum the room before they arrive to hasten the process. 


3 Movement of the House Furniture

It is necessary to discuss which table to move and when it should be moved. Please only move furniture to the cleaning services specified by the carpet cleaning company. 

Cleaning services will come beforehand to measure the room before providing an estimate. Ask them about the placement of your household items and how it can affect their cleaning operations. Some heavy furniture like China cabinets, dresses, and wardrobes may not be possible to move.


4 Keep Fragile Household Items

Before the cleaning and carpet cleaning service comes to your house for good service, store your fragile materials to avoid any problems.

You can keep decorative items and expensive decors, whether they are weak or not, for safekeeping. To prevent any delicate item breaking, keep them. 


5 Look Out for Loose Items

Check your carpet for little things you don’t want to be stuck inside the vacuums or steam cleaners. Some loose debris like nails, pins, and small toys should be removed before the cleaning service arrives. 


6 Clean the Top Corners of Your House

You wouldn’t want an avenue where dust, dirt, and other stains will fall on your carpet after the cleaning company has gone.  Before they arrive, kindly remove all cobwebs and dust from ceiling fans and wall tops. You could also employ the services of a professional HVAC company to help out. 


7 Keep Drapes Securely

Many carpet cleaning services usually ask their clients to keep their drapes away from the floor. It is ideal for giving your floor a befitting dusting and washing, so always keep your drapes before they arrive. 


8 Move Your Pets Away

While having a friendly alsatian or poodle is always lovely to have around, always prep your pets before the carpet cleaning comes. A clean room is OK, or you could keep them with a friend for at least a day. 

You wouldn’t want them moving around when the cleaning team is about. 


9 Have a Post-Cleaning Strategy

Irrespective of the method of cleaning you want, you need to plan how you will stay off your carpets or rugs for a while. 

Steam cleaning may require you to visit off for up to a day, while for dry cleaning, it could be less. You could talk to a family member, colleague or friend to stay with them till the next day. 


10 Get a Parking Space

Clear a parking spot in your home to receive the cleaning and carpet service. Since they are coming in a car, you should arrange how they will park and offer to pay for street parking if necessary. 


Final Thoughts

When you hire a reliable carpet cleaning company, like Texan Cleaners, to take care of your rugs, your home will look better and smell nice. It is always ideal to prepare yourself before the carpet cleaning service arrives to have a hitch-free cleaning service.

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