A Beginner’s Guide To Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

Cleaning is important but well, it doesn’t come off as a hobby, not especially if you have to deal with dirt that has gotten stuck for a long time. It consumes time, exhausts energy, and frankly, can put you on the edge. Despite these, we understand the disadvantages of living in a dirty environment and so cleaning becomes a necessary evil. 

Keeping the environment clean and healthy for yourself and your family can take a lot of your time, and it could become worse if you already have to manage the time you have. That’s why you need a professional cleaning service. They take this heavy cleaning duty off your hands and in return, make your home clean and habitable for you. 

However, the real question that poses itself is;


How Do You Hire A Professional Cleaning Service?

There are diverse cleaning services available for you, but if you must get a satisfactory job done, you need to hire not just a cleaning service but a professional one that suits your cleaning needs and can take care of it. Here is a beginner’s guide to hiring a professional cleaning service, doesn’t matter if you’ve hired one before or just about to, this will help you.


Know What You Need

Professional cleaning companies offer various services. There are professional cleaners with different areas of specializations in cleaning. For some people, what they consider professional cleaning might be what we call the “deep cleanse”. This means thoroughly cleaning every part of the home including certain appliances. Some other people might however just need the carpet cleaned or the bathroom tiles washed. Anyways, there are several cleaning services for all of these and while some cleaning services are experts in an area, some others offer a combination of all or several.

Another major factor to also look at while accessing your needs is your home health. If you don’t like the odor of chemicals in your home, or you’re allergic to certain cleaning products, you would need to find a professional cleaning service that takes your health in particular into consideration.


Utilize The Right Platform

There are several places to look for the services of a professional cleaning service. For example, Craigslist, Google search, or even Facebook. Professional cleaning services are available everywhere on the internet, so when choosing any, ensure your safety and comfort are important to them. For instance, some cleaning services run background checks on their employees. 

If you feel uneasy about hiring an independent housekeeper, you should go through a company. You might also need an independent housekeeper to reduce the amount of money spent on cleaning. Whichever way, ensure your facts are straight and the platform you’re hiring thoroughly is right. This ensures your safety, comfort, and privacy.


State What You Want

After you have found the cleaning service that suits you, contact them. It could be through either a call or an email. While contacting them, state what you want clearly and what you expect them to do. Also, request background checks, references, and rates. You might also want to inquire if they use natural cleaning products or not. 

If you keep any pets, inform the cleaning service. This keeps you on the safer side.


Ensure Your Home Is Ready

Your home is part of your private life, and technically, someone is going to invade it. Ensure all important things such as jewelry, documents, or whatever you consider essential are put away in a far place. 

Also, keep your children and pets away from the cleaning environment so that they do not play with cleaning materials and get themselves hurt in the process.


Who Pays For Carpet Cleaning, Tenant Or Landlord?

Generally, it is against the law for landlords to charge renters for carpet cleaning. However, there are certain conditions that the law permits a property owner to deduct the cost of carpet cleaning from the security deposit of a tenant. 

Two factors are usually considered; the original state of the carpet at the time the tenant moved in, and the condition under which the carpet was damaged. Here, it determines if it’s normal wear and tear or negligence on the tenant’s part. Based on these two factors, it reaches a decision.

However, the majority of state laws state that the carpet in a rental unit must be cleaned by the landlord before a tenant moves in. Therefore, the property owner is responsible for cleaning in this case.

Nonetheless, the tenants must return the carpets to the same condition they were in when the tenant moved in except for normal wear and tear. Any other damage that is not considered wear and tear becomes the responsibility of the tenant.

This is it. We hope this short guide that we at Texan Cleaners made for you, helped you.




Tiran has been in the cleaning industry for the last 20+ years. He's the owner Texan Cleaners, a successful cleaning company in San Antonio TX.